Hotel Milos Sea Resort

HOTEL MILOS SEA RESORT  is located in the Achivolimni area, 6.5 km south of Adamas. The beach of Achivadolimni is one of the most beautiful of Milos with white sand beach and blue crystal-clear waters. It is only 250 meters from our hotel following the natural path at an altitude of 35 meters from the sea.

The area was named after the small lake whose bottom is filled with clams. Achivadolimni is an area of natural beauty, protected by the European Natura Program. The lake and the lakeside are a refuge for many species of migratory birds.

The location is an excellent choice for those who want to come to Milos and experience all its traditional villages, beaches and attractions. Milos, where the statue of Aphrodite was found, is known for its unparalleled beauties. Beaches with pebbles, crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches, rocks with imposing shapes and colors of the volcanic lava, caves with emerald waters which create unique landscapes that fascinate every visitor

The island has a long history that is reflected in the important historical and religious monuments that on will encounters in the traditional villages one visits. The early Christianity catacombs of Tripiti, the Venetian castle of Plaka and the churches and chapels that reveal the deep faith of the Cyclades are distinguished.  The traditional villages with the paved alleys attract the interest of the holidaymakers who wish to experience every aspect of this particular island of the Cyclades.

Get to know Adamas where the harbor is, Plaka, Trypiti, the picturesque fishing village of Klima with the colored houses (wires), Pollonia, Papafraga, Agia Kyriaki, Fyriplaka, Tsigrados, Provatas, Paliohori, the Sarakiniko with the characteristic white rocks that resemble a lunar landscape. Visit Kleftiko and the Cave of Sykia with a traditional sloop. Visit and admire all the villages and natural sights of Milos. Be filled with images, colors and sounds that will become your sweetest memories!